Data Science Expert & Product Development Company

At the heart of Analytics Pika

In the current fast-paced and complex environment, the use of data and automation became crucial for creating and implementing competitive strategies. The fast access to reliable geographical, climate, and logistical information for project locations saves time, money, and most importantly natural resources reducing considerably the environmental footprint. We at Analytics Pika are driven by a passion to make it easily accessible to everyone. 

Evidence-Based Insights

For decades, independently-funded and government-backed organizations are collecting data. However, this data can not be used directly due to the complexity of its structure and compatibility. We create solutions that remove those barriers, allowing companies instant access to key data and analytics. 

Data Curation and Visualisation

Fast and correct data interpretation depends hugely on its intuitive structuring and visualization. We create easily accessible plots, visuals and dashboards based on professionally curated data helping our customers to make better decisions and impress their clients and stakeholders.