Analytics Pika Oy is a data-science expert company located in Vaasa, Finland. We are highly skilled experts able to transform all types of data into deep, strategic insights. We are passionate about data democratization which drives the empowerment of business decision-makers as well as engineers at forefront of technological innovation. 

Analytics Pika Oy is not about big infrastructure projects or platform subscriptions, but about smart utilization of machine learning combined with statistics and technology expertise to create solutions that address specific customer needs. Our service portfolio covers the full digital transformation journey, from value identification to life-cycle support of the end AI application. 

We know that our customers understand their business the best and what we offer are decision-support solutions allowing them to stay at the top of the game in a world driven by extremely fast-paced technological evolution.

Our company is rooted in the beautiful landscapes of Ostrobothnia in Western Finland.  Finnish business environment is renowned for valuing privacy and security of digital products. Our mission is to bring the rewards of modern data science to businesses of all sizes. We are driven by passion of promoting the independent decision-making that will help to increase sustainability and reliability of projects.