Project Awareness and Collaboration Environment

(Developed under a program of and funded by European Space Agency)

A project-centric, situational awareness portal aiding (de)commissioning of offshore installations. Rich insights are extracted from Earth Observations, AIS, weather, sea state and various GIS data repositories and combined with in-situ surveys and sensor data. All information is dynamically shared amongst project stakeholders creating common understanding, transparency, and improved efficiency. 

@PACE brings together diverse data sources to aid project planning, execution and post (de)construction monitoring.
  • Fast and easy provision of logistical information accelerating and simplifying the initialisation and definition of infrastructure construction or decommissioning programs.
  • Intuitive and easy to use virtual environment aiding the collaboration between experts and various stakeholders to identify the best (de)construction approach.
  • Shared situational awareness easily accessible by all contractors and stakeholders throughout the whole project duration independent of their geographical location.
  • Low latency mode available for critical project delivery phases with intelligent alerts to anomalies or pre-set warning values improving execution efficiency and reducing risk exposure.
  • Secure project event-log preserving key information for future projects or post-event clarifications.
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